David Campbell Asian Woman Womanizer from America

This is DAVID CAMPBELL from Bakersfield, California, USA (America). [According to his PUBLIC LinkedIn profile]

He is an Asian Woman Womanizer and you will learn his skills today!


Every guy who fails at getting laid or is not getting attention from local women should do what David Campbell does! Go abroad to Asian countries!


Remember, if your self-esteem is so low from being one or more of the following:
– scrawny
– jealous
– constant rejection or,
– working a dead end job as a desktop technician for XXXXX XXXXX Hospital [According to his PUBLIC LinkedIn profile]
then keep approaching Asian females!


The first rule is, the more Asian females you approach, the more chances one will talk to you!  For example:
Approach 10 Asian women: you may get 1 response
Approach 20 Asian women: you may get 2 responses
Approach 30 Asian women: you may get 3 responses
It’s that simple!

Now, that first rule does not work all the time so the alternate is what David likes to do: Belittle Asian males until you feel better! It will boost your self-esteem and make you feel good eventually!


But remember this second rule!  Don’t belittle an Asian male bigger than you! David does not mess with anyone who is bigger than him!  David would not get into such situations because he is weak and cannot defend. What you need to do in case of accidental belittling of a bigger male is turtle and/or run!

Take advantage of your employer’s resources and use work time to pick up women!  The moral is, don’t waste any time! Demonstration on how to do this on employer’s resources:

Pick up girls through resources and time at work!

Remember to document yourself using employer’s resources so you can use it for your own instructional reference. Post selfies and capture chat logs just to remember you use work time wisely.


David’s method works!  See on websites such as:

The Shanghaiist


The Singaporean

Tomo News

David documents his attempts with hidden audio and video recording devices. This comes in handy when you want to review your skills. Do it like a pro:hiddenaudiovideo


the tips also works for guys who used to be fat, mediocre-looking losers who used to be bullied in high school, and live an insignificant life and existence in his home country.” [Real feedback submitted by a real viewer!]

Check out the samples from David Campbell’s public pages and learn from a semi-pro!

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Live it up like David!